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3 Beaver Creek Homes With Amazing Views

April 8, 2017

When you buy a home in Beaver Creek, Colorado, it’s not difficult to come by unbeatable views: lush greenery and stupendous mountains surround you at all times! The homes in Beaver Creek can even be visions to behold in themselves. Check out 3 homes in Beaver Creek, Colorado that come along with 1 amenity you can’t get everywhere: amazing views.

  1. 157 Beaver Creek Drive

It’s easy to find gorgeous homes in Beaver Creek that have unbeatable views of… your next-door neighbors’ houses. You might convince yourself it’s all right because Beaver Creek Ski Resort is mere minutes from your front door—what could be better than that? Well, you could have a home that looks out into the greenery and mountains of Colorado.

157 Beaver Creek Drive is home to a beautiful 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom single family home. Take in Colorado’s unique scenery from this home’s expansive windows or sit out on the property’s spacious patio and take in the nature that surrounds you.


  1. 159 Beaver Creek Drive

Some people’s favorite views are never ending green pastures and tall peaks, while others are content with neighbors’ houses or manicured golf courses. If you’re one who prefers both, then 159 Beaver Creek Drive might just be your next home.

This 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom home is located next to the Beaver Creek Golf Course, but residents have access to the gorgeous views of the nature surrounding the home, which includes: tall trees, sprawling lawns and fields, and tall mountains. This home is also a sight to behold. Check out its full glass elevator that gives access to every floor.


  1. 521 Holden Road

Forget golf courses and never-ending forests, if you live in Colorado because you love to ski, then how could you pass up the opportunity to live across the street from Beaver Creek Ski Resort?

If this is where you think you belong, then you can’t miss checking out the home located at 521 Holden Road.

This home has large windows that open up towards the massive mountains that include Beaver Creek Ski Resort and you get panoramic views of the golf course too. This home is the best of all worlds and just across the street you have ski-in/ski-out access.

Get Your Nature Fix in Beaver Creek

We all look for different things when buying homes, but if you live in Colorado, then you probably don’t shy away from a truly spectacular view. Whatever kind of view you enjoy (mountains, greenery, golf courses, etc.) you can find it in Beaver Creek, Colorado and Access Real Estate can help you find it.

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